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The Howdy Story

We’re all about two things: amazing ice cream served by amazing people.

Howdy Homemade was founded on a steel conviction that the restaurant industry is about people first, then food. This conviction has stood the test of time—over two decades—and guided Tom in opening 13 restaurants. Howdy Homemade was born out of a vision to see and realize the potential of everyone. In an industry inflicted by tremendous turnover, Howdy Homemade is committed to providing job opportunities for people who have been marginalized because of society’s misunderstanding of their abilities.

Today in North Texas alone, there are over 240,000 individuals with developmental disabilities looking for work! Every aspect of Howdy Homemade Ice Cream celebrates this community’s unique powers. We are here to change the way businesses hire, train, and develop their own heroes. Howdy Homemade is leading the way so that more heroes can become contributing members of their organizations.

A special thanks to Gene Stallings and his son Johnny. Gene and Johnny pioneered the discussion about society’s misconceptions about people born with Down syndrome. If you haven’t already, pick up Coach Stallings's book, Another Season: A Coach's Story of Raising an Exceptional Son, and you’ll understand why we are so inspired to make a difference. Oh, and just so you know, the name “Howdy” is a tribute to Gene Stallings, Bear Bryant, and every underdog out there.

We invite you to enjoy some amazing ice cream and meet our amazing staff (we call them “Howdy Heroes”). We appreciate your support and know that you’ll be inspired too after visiting a local Howdy Homemade Ice Cream shop or find a pint on the freezer shelf in your favorite grocery store.

The Howdy Pillars

Working shouldn’t rearrange our priorities in life. That’s why we constantly remind ourselves of what holds up our life:






Speaking Engagements

Tom Landis is a highly sought-after, energetic speaker on the topics of inclusion, special needs, and creative thinking. He has appeared in People magazine among many other publications and is the recipient of numerous awards, including:

2001 LULAC Businessman of the Year
2002 Center for Non-profit Businessman of the Year
Two-time Texan of the Year finalist
2015 Ryan Albers Lifetime Achievement Award
2016 Lex Friedan Texas Small Business of the Year
2019 Johnny Stallings Award

Are you interested in having Tom or a Howdy Hero speak at your next event? Click here